Special Collections Proposals

Deadline: 30 September 2022
Political Quarterly welcomes proposals for special sections of the journal, and for events which promote the journal and publicise recent or forthcoming articles. PQ aims to promote debate and publish articles on issues of politics and public policy that are authoritative, informed by expertise and academic insight, challenging, intellectually demanding and innovative. Proposals should indicate how they will conform to these aims.
Funding is available for workshops, seminars and small conferences related to special sections. Amounts between £500 and £3000 may be applied for, to cover travel costs, room bookings and hospitality, and speaker honoraria. Applicants should note that fees of £200-£400 are also paid to authors of accepted articles and editors of special sections.
Standard workshop proposals should include a 2-3 page outline of the theme, its rationale and scope. Proposers are expected to name a group of at least four firmly agreed participants, along with a list of prospective invitees. An open call for further participants can also be made. The proposal should indicate the range of topics that the special section will aim to cover and the planned number of papers. As a general rule, participants should submit draft papers before the workshop and final versions shortly afterwards, but proposals for preparatory events before papers are written will also be considered. Papers should comply with PQ guidelines on length and style. The overall word length of a special section should not exceed 70,000 words. Proposals for special sections of 15-30,000 words are welcome.
Please submit proposals for special sections to submissions@politicalquarterly.org.uk by the deadline indicated above. Proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Editorial Board and decisions advised within four weeks.
Checklist for proposals:
1. The names and contact details of the proposers and firmly-agreed participants, together with brief biographical information;
2. The title of the proposal and 2-3 page outline, including an indication of the planned number of papers and range of topics;
3. Prospective invitees, and the wording of the open call, if applicable;
4. Planned workshop/ event location, date, size and indicative costing.
The deadline for final submissions of papers will be set in consultation with the editors. Final acceptance of submissions will depend on independent editorial review by PQ, and the editors reserve the right not to accept all the submissions to a special section.

To find out more about PQ's style and guidelines, read our notes for contributors here.