Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Issue 93 1 out now!

 The latest issue of PQ is out now! You can see it here with  many articles free to view.

Commentary Liberty After Neoliberalism Ben Jackson

 Women and the Politics of Incivility and Discrimination

Guest edited by Agnès Alexandre-Collier and Michael Drolet with articles from: Dame Laura Cox; Deborah Cameron; Sofía Collignon, Rosie Campbell and Wolfgang Rüdig; Eve Gianoncelli; Michael Higgins and Angela Smith; Gillian Peele; Harriet Wistrich; Zrinka Bralo


David Judge; Graeme Roy; Michael Collins; Joseph Maslen; Adrian Hilton; Nicholas Sowels; Celia Lessa Kerstenetzky; Paul Thompson, Frederick Harry Pitts, Jo Ingold and Jon Cruddas; Anthony Barnett

Reports and Surveys

Kieran Maguire

Book Reviews