Sunday, 18 April 2021

Issue 92 2 out now!

 The latest issue of PQ is out now! You can see it here with many articles free to view.

Commentary Rolling Out the Pork Barrel by Deborah Mabbett

Corbynism and its Aftermath: Lewis Bassett and Jeremy Gilbert; Eunice Goes; Steven Fielding; Phil Burton-Cartledge; Jeremy Gilbert; Eric Shaw; Tim Bale; Lewis Bassett and Tom Mills; Jonathan Dean and Bice Maiguashca; Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite; Christine Berry; Patrick Diamond; James Meadway 

Articles: David Judge; Françoise Granoulhac; Will Jennings, Lawrence McKay and Gerry Stoker; Jack Newman; Samuel Warner, David Richards, Diane Coyle and Martin J. Smith; Iain McLean and Scot Peterson; Christopher Massey; Mark Hayhurst

Reports & Surveys: Katy Hayward

Book reviews