Thursday, 2 June 2016

Two Special Issues on Europe

The Political Quarterly is pleased to publish two special issues in the latest issue 87 2 on Europe. Up for grabs? Key Issues in the Negotiations about Britain’s Membership of the EU has been edited by Waltraud Schelkle with articles from Eiko Thielemann and Daniel Schade; Steve Coulter and Bob Hancké; and Anne Corbett.

The UK and the European Union has been edited by Anand Menon, Rachel Minto, Daniel Wincott with articles by. Rachel Minto, Jo Hunt, Michael Keating and Lee McGowan; Ailsa Henderson, Charlie Jeffery, Robert Liñeira, Roger Scully, Daniel Wincott and Richard Wyn Jones; Simon Hix; John Curtice; Sofia Vasilopoulou; Emma Carmel and Theodoros Papadopoulos; Rebecca Adler-Nissan; Steve Peers; Richard Whitman; Nicholas Crafts; and Damian Chalmers.

You can read both collections here for free.