Friday, 8 November 2013

The Political Quarterly at War 1939-1945

In the second of our virtual issues, we felt it fitting to follow on from our first collection 'Reading the Thirties: The Rise of Fascismand Totalitarianism', by republishing several articles from the period 1939 to 1945, ensuring that this valuable resource might be freely available to anyone who is interested in politics, history and social change.

As you might imagine, the PQ archive has many, many fascinating and poignant articles and choosing just a handful for this collection was not easy. We are pleased we have been able to include articles written by Kingsley Martin, Leonard Woolf, William Robson, Barbara Wootton, Barbara Ward, Harold Laski, GDH Cole , RHS Crossman, John Parker, DN Pritt, Tom Harrisson, DW Brogan, A Creech Jones  and ‘Politicus’, touching on themes such as how the war was to be paid for; the colonies during the war; what was to happen to Germany after the war; the situation of women; France; the Italian and German Alliance; and the Ministry of Information.

We do hope you find this collection interesting and useful and that you will enjoy reading these frank and insightful articles from this era. You can see the collection here.