Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Issue 84 2 out now!

The latest issue of Political Quarterly is now available. Highlights include:

• A personal and profoundly insightful account by Ron Amann of how the police in Britain are governed, drawing on his experiences as a member of the West Midlands Police Authority before its abolition last year. This article, a major contribution to our understanding of modern public administration, is available to view here.

• An analysis by Ron Johnston of how high education student fees actually work: are they really ‘fair and progressive’? This article is also free to view and can be read here.

• Katherine Dommett on Liberal Democrat fortunes in the Coalition Government

• Peter John on the new political science of policy experimentation and behaviour change

• Norman Bonney on the new role of the Church of England

And many more.

Don’t forget, to access the whole issue online you can subscribe to Political Quarterly at a special rate of £10 for a year – unbelievable value!