Saturday, 6 October 2012

Eric Hobsbawm 1917 - 2012

As a tribute to the late Eric Hobsbawm, PQ have republished his 1954 article "The British Communist Party" here .

Eric Hobsbawm outlived his short twentieth century (1917-1991) by more than twenty years. And right to the end he was still the object of scandal for having been far too long a communist. ‘You see’, he might have said, (‘you see’ was one of his habitual linguistic tics) ‘there have been many communists among major historians, but they left. Some stayed on the left (E.P. Thompson), some moved right (Annie Kriegel, Fran├žois Furet). I stayed until the end, the bitter end.’ You can read the rest of PQ literary editor Donald Sassoon's obituary here.